For diversity and Authenticity

ES Records is a record label that produce Epic African music with an aim of diversity and futurism. Here we focus on the innovative ways of creating to enhance the authentic roots of African music.

We represent a diverse multicultural environment with collaborations across cultures and across music genres. We believe authentic and diverse music can enrich the world — cross borders and cross cultures.


Elvis Sibeko's Album artwork

Elvis Sibeko - Album now available

Babalwa Zimbini Makwetu's single song artwork

Zimbini - Single Available | LP Coming soon

Nomakrestu's Album artwork

Nomakrestu - Single Coming soon

Thabisa Dinga Album's artwork

Thabisa - EP Coming soon

Wendy Thoane's EP artwork

Wendy - Single Coming soon

Bruce Brovado's Album artwork

Bruce Bravado - EP Coming soon

latecomer's Album artwork

Latecomer - EP Coming soon

Siyaboy's Album artwork

Siyaboy - EP Coming soon