Get active and become healthy through the African rhythms

Zavum is South African dance styles fused together, creating an authentic African dance fitness workout.
Have fun and enjoy the sensation of traditional movements inspired by the South African indigenous cultures, together with energetic social dance styles like Pantsula, Sophiatown and the chanting rhythms of Gumboots.

Come join us, and achieve a great African dance fitness workout experience.
We welcome everyone to join our classes. Whether you have danced before or not we will take care and make sure to deliver a great workout experience with South African Dances and rhythms.


  • Price : R100 per class
  • Student Price : R80 per class
  • Time : Wednesday 18:00-19:00
  • Private Classes and group sessions : On booking request
  • All classes are currently suspended due to Corvid 19

Online Classes coming soon...

Venue: Artscape Theatre Centre (5th floor Jazzart studio), D.F. Malan St, Foreshore, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa



4 classes Price: R375
(1 Free Class + Bring a Buddy)


12 classes Price: R1150
(Zavom T-Shirt + 1 Free Class + Bring a Buddy)


24 classes Price: R2250
(Zavom T-Shirt + Hoody +Walter bottle + 2 Free Class + 2 Bring a Buddy)


48 classes Price: R4400
(Zavom T-Shirt + Hoody + Water Bottle 4 Free Class + 4 Bring a Buddy)